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Our Club

Nestled between Mt. Ascutney and Green Mountain, Claremont has over 65 miles of scenic trails. Although snowmobiling began in Claremont with a group a friends enjoying the outdoors around 1967, Shugah Valley Snow Riders did not become registered as a business until October of 1971. Since then SVSR has played an important part in the  history of snowmobiling in NH. We thank all the Board Members and volunteers who worked so hard to make Shugah Valley Snow Riders what it is today.

A few highlights in our history- Did you know? SVSR members were creative in connecting one side of town to the other. The Sugar River divides the city making it challenge for connectivity. In 1973 several members of the club teamed together to build a 194 foot bridge to span the Sugar River in West Claremont. Under the direction of Russ Berry the bridge was completed in December. The bridge was named Berry's Crossing.   Another bridge Hawk's Landing or Hawk's Missing Link was built in 1975 spanning 279 feet across the Sugar River between Washington St and Chestnut St. The bridge was named after Hawky Boardman. This bridge became the club's claim to fame as the "Bridge Builders". The bridge was eventually torn down due to safety reasons in 1987. The amazing part of these bridges is they were built with steel piers, telephone poles, cables and wood planks. 

Having fun has always been what snowmobiling is all about. Getting together with friends and enjoying the outdoors. That was true in 1970 and it's still true in 2020. I have shared a few photo's from years gone by.


Today's Groomers

Bridge Building Ferland's Crossing


Great views of Mt Ascutney

2006 Club Trip.png
Hawks Missing Link.jpg

Hawks Landing built in 1975

Berry's Crossing.png

Berry's Crossing built in 1973


PO Box 944

Claremont NH 03743


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